The Picturesque Solutions of Cities for Pedestrians!

The expert jury of the international poster design competition on the theme of pedestrian-friendly cities of the future: Cities for Pedestrians! reviewed a total of 159 works that fulfilled the eligibility requirements of competition. Among them were 95 entries from abroad, even from as far away as Australia, India and Japan.

A total of 27 posters made it to the shortlist. From the middle of June, they will be on display in the online gallery at and available under Creative Commons licenses for anyone interested in using them; their authors will receive a plaquette in memory of competition participation, awarded by the two competition partners IPOP – Institute for Spatial Policies and the TAM-TAM Institute. In September, the selected shortlisted posters will be on display in the pop-up outdoor gallery in Ljubljana, in the frame of the European Mobility Week 2019.

According to the jury, the best work was that created by Andrea Machara from Spain, who will receive an award of 1.000 EUR. Her award-winning poster “Hodite” (“Walk”) will be displayed in the online gallery Peš and on 50 of TAM-TAM’s poster locations in eight Slovenian cities, where it will be on show already at the end of May.

The jury’s decision was unanimous. “While evaluating the works, the jury respected three criteria as the most important: communication value, creativity and visual excellence. The winning poster subtly and wittily shows many advantages of walking in the city: on the cross-walk we see how pedestrians are meeting one another, some of them are even dancing, a young family is running errands, a student is racing to a lecture … The stylised figures provoke the viewer’s imagination, enticing one to attribute stories and with that make one more strongly aware of the positive and pleasant side of experiencing the cities for pedestrians,” says the president of the jury Žare Kerin in the explanation of its selection of the winning poster.

 We wish to sincerely thank all of the participants for submitting their works and congratulate them for the success they have achieved!

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Visuals: The winning poster “Hodite” (“Walk”) by author Andrea Machara


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